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November 2015
The 2015 Christmas Ships Trolley trips scheduled has been published. Come ride our trolley to see the brightly and colorfully ships cruise along the Willamette River from the comfort of our trolley. Click here for details

April 2014 - WST 2015 Schedule Published

The Willamette Shore Trolley schedule for 2015 is now available on-line. Service starts Memorial Day Weekend and continues thru the end of October. See the schedule for specific days and times. It is anticipated that Trolleys will run from Lake Oswego to Powers Marine Park. Service north of there is on hold until the Sellwood Bridge project is completed. We look forward to seeing you on board!!

August 2014 - Willamette Shore Trolley returns to service

The Trolley  runs the rails again from Lake Oswego after a few year hiatus. The Trolley originally stopped running due to unexpected retirement of our antique trolley car. After several years of hard service the 1932 Portland Brill Master unit needed to be pulled out of service in need of an overhaul.

The Willamette Shore Trolley then was able to acquire the Portland Replica Council Crest Cars from Vintage Trolley. Once the WST received the "new" car in 2013, more delays were encountered getting through ODOT's hurdles to restore service.

Now the WST is service between Lake Oswego through the Elk Rock Tunnel to just south of the Riverwood Trestle.
Work on the trestle is expected in the Spring of 2015. This will allow the WST to head further north into Power Marine Park. Service to the South Portland waterfront will not be restored until the Sellwood Bride Project is completed.

May 2013: WST Acquired Vintage Trolley Car

The Willamette Shore Trolley took delivery of one of the Portland Vintage Trolley cars. The VT car is a replica car of the original Brill Council Crest Cars that used to run in Portland. The Portland VT car will receive electrical power by a towed generator. Service cannot resume until the Elk Rock Tunnel project is completed. Service will be shortened to the Riverwood Crossing due to trestle upgrades required and the Sellwood Bridge construction. Service start date is pending ODOT approval

Willamette Shore Trolley Phone # (503) 697-7436

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